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Graphic Design and computerised

artwork for print and other media

The design workshop is a complete graphic and web design studio, working with the latest technology and a wide range of specialist software producing excellent design, illustration, retouching and photographic results to give each project its own unique presence. ALDUSDesign combines equipment, systems and IT facilities to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of your project. Whatever your project, a one-off business card, stationery, leaflets, brochures or a new corporate identity, call us to discuss your requirement.

The Internet and Your Web Site

The Internet is an exciting innovative medium for conveying information serving many different purposes. It may be just a single personal web page; it may be an element of your company marketing, advertising services or products featured over a number of pages, or a means of electronically distributing and viewing information. An effective web site is just like a quality brochure, it should be designed to match set objectives, easy to read, functional, generate visits, inspiring and satisfying to the user. The most significant difference between a printed page and a web page are links, which allow you to arrange pages on the web site. Additionally, you can add sounds, video presentations, chat rooms, online ordering, instant e-mail messaging and more.